You could say my family is awash with religious history and traditions.

MIT Chapel, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Consequently, I am fascinated by people
and places associated with various religious traditions and practices and enjoy reporting on them. I advocate for Religious Literacy in Public Life, particularly because so many of our
politics, social issues, and conflicts are rooted in
religious belief systems.

As a maternal descendant
of eight Mormon Pioneer grandparents,
an Irish/Scottish Catholic dad and grandparents, and relatives who followed Buddism, Lutheran, and Evangelical traditions,
I've inherited a rich and
culturally diverse heritage.

Utah's Religion Revolution

A 1979 report in The New York Times reported 85 percent of the state then were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Today, Latter-day Saints still make up the highest percentage of the state's population at 56 percent. Still, PPRI American Values Atlas for 2021, as reported in a 2022 Deseret News article, shows there's more religious diversity in Utah now.
According to Mike Moon, associate director at UServeUtah, featured in this 2020 video series, the different faith traditions in Utah share a passion for community service.

Reporting and video editing: Linda Kennedy