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Video: From Act.TV in the Internet Archives.

A Role-Model Memorium
Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters was so respected as a journalist that even U.S. President-to-be Donald Trump didn't spare with her, comparatively speaking, with what you see him doing with journalists today. In fact, in this video, Trump said the same thing about the media more than 30 years ago that he said during his Presidency and now. And Walters response to that represents why I admired her: she was a gutsy journalist. It's really not about what she said as much as how she said it and handled herself with poise at all times.

Walters passed away Dec. 30, 2022,

after I wrote my obituary about her. If you go to journalism school, one of the first things you'll learn about writing profiles are obituaries. I knew immediately that my subject would be Walters because I admired her career as not only a journalist but for her work as a role model for other female journalists.